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Online Study Survival

Studying online can feel isolating and frustrating. Here's a few tips that can help you in your pursuit of learning

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The Meaning of One's Life's Work

A short and intimate thankyou to those whose words provide meaning to one's work.

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It's OK to be anxious

I want to share with you that everything is OK.  And what I mean by that is that it is OK to feel this. It's OK to feel the intensity of anxiety, and it's OK to feel the desperation of feeling powerless to make it stop. It's OK to feel.

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The Closet Artist

Why? In this time of internet opportunity, upload and download artist self-management, and free tools under our fingertips, why do closet artists still work overtime in order to keep their art under wraps?

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Understanding Happiness

I’ve often been asked how it all started, this journey of creativity that I find myself on. In the past I’ve gone through the long story as to how I got to be where I’m at, as it’s hard to give a short answer. This is not for lack of trying to find an abbreviated version, but rather it’s because every step of the way I’ve made very conscious decisions in order to stay on this road. Recently I realised that the one single thing that has led me here is the pursuit of happiness.

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