Audio Releases

Feathers Breath

Hauntingly beautiful, Tania Rose blends wind instruments (flutes) and an angelic voice in this all-acoustic recording. Using the voice as an instrument, Tania Rose creates music reflecting a magical world of the imagination, once again invoking film-like imagery and a dreamlike stillness.

The breath is a powerful force in these 8 tracks of timeless spirit, dedicated to the sentiment of air, represented by the feather, speaking it's own music (total 44:17)


WARNING: DEFINATELY NOT FOR THE CAR! Relaxation or we will send your money back. A new standard in sleep music by award-winning Tania Rose, soothing any savage beast. If you seriously don't feel any kind of wind-down after closing your eyes and hearing the first 10minutes, we will GIVE YOU YOUR MONEY BACK!

50 minutes of uncluttered and relatively still music, taking you inward. Using East and West perspectives of sleep, Tania has successfully brought together a soothing blend of simple tones and colours which will tempt anyone into the land of nod, or into very deep meditation.

Secret Healing Meditations

SPOKEN WORD meditations for recovery & wellness

The power to heal the body,mind, and spirit is contained within the realms of our inner world...that place where we see life: Our Perspective. This is the place where miracles are born,and where we can create our own realities.

3 powerful guided meditations by Tania Rose, take us within,offering an opportunity to heal.

Whispers and Wishes

Reflective instrumentals with melancholic flavours make up Whispers & Wishes, a project which was written and recorded during the same era as Tania's 43 ANGELS cd and the CORAL SEA DREAMING soundtrack.

On her 8th CD release, Tania Rose takes us on a retrospective and introspective musical journey in a collection of emotional works from the early part of her career.

This projects is a tribute to the childlike sense of a magical world of possibilities, a parallel reality of timelessness and mystery, a magical world where fairies and goblins hide in secret places.


Imagine embarking on a journey facing extreme elements, exploring hidden places, and arriving in times of quiet reflection. This is the soundtrack to such a journey…the journey of the spiritual traveller.

This colourful almost-instrumental album follows in the footsteps of Tania Rose's infamous 43Angels CD, but is much stronger in it’s melodrama. It’s a musical journey of the myriad of places within each one of us, the colourful tapestries which make up who we are, and why we do what we do. It offers us an insight into the very fabric of the human experience, drawing on the intimate and the extrovert alike.

Little White Cloud (Special Edition)

This is a CD for kids, a precious tale of growth and change, simple and timeless.

Tania Rose's whole family comes together to share a special recording for children, which includes this beautiful short story, a peaceful meditation, and gentle soothing music suitable for bedtime and other times of quite stillness.

The story of Little White Cloud was written by Tania for her 3 young children, all of whom participate actively in the recordings. Children love to listen to other children, giving this recording a special charm that appeals to little folk.

Bonus tracks Dimensions Pt1 and Pt2 are included in this Special Edition.

6 tracks = 46 mins

Coral Sea Dreaming

A beautiful ambient music CD for relaxation, healing and meditation. Harmonious and balanced, this melodic soundtrack from the multi-award-winning film, Coral Sea Dreaming, is a Relaxation/New Age Music classic.

There are no gaps between songs, no stops and starts, just one long 54 minute peaceful flowing journey of unwinding gentle melodies. This CD is very suitable for use in meditation or for practitioners to use as healing background music whilst practising any of the healing arts. Popular for sleeping babies, massage, meditation, and anytime you need relaxing, soothing and uplifting music.

Coral Sea Dreaming Awaken

The soundtrack themes from the film “Coral Sea Dreaming Awaken” will be familiar to any fan of the original award-winning documentary film of 20 years ago (Coral Sea Dreaming). Reconstructed and re-recorded for David Hannan’s 2013 Hi-Def film of the same name, this collection of instrumental works shares the beautiful and peaceful musical themes which were inspired by the enchanting and mystical underwater landscape of the Coral Sea… serene, breathtaking, and magnificent…and devastatingly dying.

Tania Rose created music which ebbs and flows, cascades and envelopes, in gentle washes of graceful melodies and timeless musical soundscapes. The themes speak of calmness and tranquillity, and very occasionally express an undercurrent of something unseen and moody. It’d difficult to describe these works without the use of watery metaphors, such is their reflection of the watery world from which they were created.

If there was one track alone to listen to, it would be the final theme, “Angels of the Sea”. Tania Rose's layered voice on this reworked theme for the new film, brings the music in line with the emotional outpouring she experience whilst writing the end of the original soundtrack…an awe-inspired love and yearning, giving way to the pain of losing this extraordinary natural wonder. Often referred as the “manta ray music”, this theme does indeed share the beauty of these magnificent angels of the deeps, their majesty, and their strength, with a mournful repose.

Recorded by Tania Rose at Artscope Music And Management Studio, Australia
Mixed by the brilliant Sam Hannan at Rocking Horse Studios, Australia
Final theme edits by Tania Rose and Simon Rigby at Artscope Music And Management Studios

43 Angels

7 tracks of film-soundtrack-style music, each piece slowly unwinding it's melody, unravelling to each emotional nuance embedded in it's soft tapestry. Likened to artists such as Enya, Vangelis, and Tim Story, this second album from Tania Rose highlights her ability to blend the electronic with the accoustic, bringing renaissance flavours and hints of vivaldi, handel, and bach.

"Tania Rose blends piano and synthesizers to create an enjoyable and emotionally rich recording on 43 Angels... There's no denying that most of what you'll find here is in the classic "angelic" vein of new age music, full of lush strings and slow-paced romantic piano" (Wind & Wire Magazine) The perfect accompaniment to any chill-out activity.


Dimensions is the second sleep cd by Tania Rose, which follows in the footsteps of her highly successful Drift. Tania Rose combines harps, voice, flutes, guitar, cello, and keyboards in this slow and very relaxing recording, taking the listener on a soothing journey, perfect for sleep.

From the nursery to the meditation room, this gentle and uplifting 45 minutes of uninterupted music is light and calming, making it a great addition to the healing arts and other activities requiring a peaceful ambience.

Hold Tight

A downtempo chill track with minimalist vocals, piano and an anticipating driving bassline

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