The Meaning of One's Life's Work

For much of my time writing music, I am in my own world. Things come and go; ideas, notions, explorations...and from here is built the foundations of something that my own heart resonates to. Much of the journey writing music is fickle, and the pendulum can swing from fast to slow progress in the blink of an eye. Sometimes it feel easy, and sometimes it's a struggle, but it always feels worth it, for reasons i can't even begin to explain.

When I did my first recording, the original Coral Sea Dreaming soundtrack, I came away from that experience full of wonder and inspiration. It was an epic 55minute score, which came at a time when I felt at a crossroads in my young life. I felt ready to move forward, move on, and move ahead, and this soundtrack was the gateway by which all things felt possible. At the end of that journey, i remember the moment when i told myself that if one single person could benefit from my work in some way, my work had been done. Within the next few months I began to hear so many amazing stories that I realised something work had only just begun.

Much of my musical work feeds a genre of music known for it's attraction for those seeking change and peace, and for those who are reflecting on the journey in deep and significant ways. Stories of personal breakthroughs from these listeners are sometimes shared with me, and it humbles my sense of self and the music that i share with the world. I don't believe that it's the music per se that is instigating a change, but that we all have the potential to open ourselves up if circumstances are right. The music is more of a conduit, a doorway through which we can allow ourselves at that moment to walk through, and see something beyond ourselves...we can see our potential. This is my experience at least.

Today I received an incredible email from a gentleman in his 80's who was ready to move forward. His words have touched my heart deeply and reminded me once again to recognise the importance of my life's work. I have never cared for fame, and the only fortune i require is enough to enable me to carry out my work. But nothing is more precious to my journey through music than the gift of words given to me by a complete stranger across the other side of the earth. For this I am grateful, and it is this that brings me meaning.

Thank you to all of the strangers who have taken the time to share their stories, and who inspire me to carry on in the work that makes my heart trully sing. It is a gift to feel touched and moved by people whom you have never met. We are all connected by the simple fact that we are alive at the same time as each other, and we can all give meaning to each other by taking those small moments to share and connect. We all have so much more to give, and we can help each other to know this by showing that we too believe it to be true.

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