Molecule and Simon Rigby

Simon Rigby and Tania Rose first teamed up when the two were in Adelaide  in 1992, meeting at a rehearsal room when Simon was playing in bands, and Tania was running the room bookings. Forging an immediate friendship,  they began writing together just before Tania’s Coral Sea Dreaming project took centre stage, which eventually saw the partnership end as she moved to Sydney. Working in Tania’s makeshift studio-on-a-shoestring, the two realised that they had a unique and potentially long-term partnership, but circumstances saw the two lose touch for almost 20 years.

Social media saw the two reconnect, and although they were living on opposite sides of the earth, they realised that their feelings for each other hadn’t changed. Not only that, but their confessions saw them admit a deep and undying love for each other that transcended the years apart.

With their inevitable reunion and subsequent marriage, the two set about to rekindle their work in the studio, and the fledgling “Molecule” audio project was born. Working on the project in between other projects, the pace is slow but meaningful, and the two hope to release sometime in 2016.

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