Coral Sea Dreaming and David Hannan

The original film "Coral Sea Dreaming" was first released on VHS tape in 1992 as "Coral Sea Dreaming - An Evolving Balance," and quickly became a bestselling home video. Tania Rose teamed up her musical soundtrack skills with David Hannan’s extraordinary undersea visuals of spawning corals and colorful marine life along the Coral Sea just off the coast of Australia. The incredible video of our underwater inhabitants were startlingly unfamiliar but so broadly appealing that audiences immediately embraced the program. The program was also widely shown in public venues as an "ambient video”, which brought audiences to recognise Tania’s music in that specific genre. This project was the birthplace of Tania’s career.

Almost 20 years later and David and Tania teamed up again with even more strange and exotic creatures, now in Hi Definition, to share with the world alongside a rework of the Tania’s original score. The film  was released in 2010 initially as “Coral Sea Dreaming – Awaken” and also as simply “Coral Sea Dreaming” in 2012.

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